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Neu! Childbirth preparation course

Kursnummer I1011
Beginn Di. 06.02.2018 - Di. 20.03.2018
Kursgebühr Gebühr siehe Text
Dauer 6x2 Ustd.
Kursleitung Felicia Pattberg
Kursort Saal
This course is directed towards English speaking pregnant women and their partners.
It prepares you for giving birth in a German hospital, the first time with your newborn there and at home, gives future prospects on the following time and on parenthood.
You get to know other English speaking (becoming) mothers with whom you can exchange experiences and ideas.
Together we will do some physical exercises, breathing thechniques, test birth positions. You get concrete informations about the birth process, pain relief, handling your newborn and babycare, parenthood.
There are two evenings with your partner.
I am open for all your questions.
Here it is important for me to strengthen your competence as parents.

Attendance fees for pregnant women are covered by German public health insurances.
Please ask your Private insurance about it.
Please ask your insurance about bearing the partner fees of 15€ per evening.

Contact the midwife for registration:,
Please bring your health insurance card, Mutterpass, anti-slip socks and blanket

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